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We believe in a world where you can recycle almost everything!

That’s why we provide a super, simple, efficient and prompt service. The price we say is the price you pay, no hidden charges! We provide skips in the Whitby, Pickering, Malton and Kirbymoorside areas both domestic and commercial use.

The story so far

We bought Ryedale Skip Hire which was based in Pickering in April 2016. In May 2016, we moved all the skips, all the machinery and all the wagons to our new site in Ruswarp, Whitby. We have built on Ryedale Skip Hire’s customer base which covers Pickering, Malton and Kirkbymoorside area to now also cover Whitby and surrounding area.

We are a small firm so we think it is important to provide a personal service. That’s why we think you should know a bit about the people you may come into contact with when you order your skip with our helpful office staff to delivery from our friendly drivers.

Meet the team


John is the boss! John owns the business and has a background in groundwork and waste so knows exactly what skips you’ll need for any large jobs.


Leonie works in the office. Leonie worked at Ryedale Skip Hire and has 4 years of skip hire experience under her belt. Being from Pickering, she is the one to ask if you have any access questions in the Pickering or Malton area.


Emma also works in the office. Emma joined the team in April 2016. Whitby born and bred, she will help with anything in this area.


Our driver of ‘Archie’ our Big Skip wagon. James covers the Pickering and Malton area with his wagon and trailer. He has many years of wagon driving experience and likes a challenge!


Drives ‘Lottie-Rose’, one of our skip wagons. He covers the Whitby area and occasionally has a run over the Moors to Pickering or Malton. He can get skips in the tightest of spaces!


Damian is the driver of ‘Rumer Elsie May’, our hook loader wagon. He removes a lot of our waste from site to our disposal sites - click here for more information. He is also the one who will deliver your Roll on Roll off (RORO) skip if you need a really big skip for rubble or soil.


Kathy joined the team in August 2018 and works in the office. Kathy lives in Whitby and is happy to help with anything in this area.

Skip sizes

We provide a wide range of skip sizes to cover all of your needs. Starting at a 2 cubic yard mini skip right up to a 50 cubic yard RORO skip. Don’t worry, if you don’t know what size you need our office staff will be happy to guide you through and get the skip suitable for your needs.

The following measurements are to be used as a GUIDE ONLY and are taken from the widest point at the top of the skip. We have over 500 skips and the designs do differ slightly. They will always hold the cubic capacity ordered. We have tried to make it easier to see the size of the skip by showing John, the boss, stood next to the skips (he is 6’ 2” tall)

Size Length Width Depth Bin Bags

2 cubic yard mini skip

6' 2"
4' 5"
2' 10"
10 - 25

4 cubic yard midi skip

8' 3"
4' 9"
3' 4"
30 - 40

8 cubic yard builders skip

11' 6"
5' 9"
3' 6"
60 - 80

2 cubic yard mini skip

Length: 6' 2", 1.82m
Width: 4' 5", 1.26m
Depth: 2' 10", 0.85m
Bin Bags: 20-25

2 cubic yard

4 cubic yard midi skip

Length: 8' 3", 2.44
Width: 4'9", 1.37m
Depth: 3' 4", 1.02m
Bin Bags: 30-40

4 cubic yard

8 cubic yard builders skip

Length: 11' 6", 3.5m
Width: 5' 9", 1.78m
Depth: 3' 6", 1.17m
Bin Bags: 60-80

8 cubic yard
2 cubic yard
4 cubic yard
8 cubic yard

What happens to your waste?


Every skip that comes into the yard is tipped in our sorting shed where the large pieces of wood, plastic, cardboard and such are removed and separated for recycling. It is at this early stage that the staff empty any bags, boxes, suitcases etc. to make sure nothing is sent to landfill that could be recycled.


The small waste that is left is loaded onto our picking line where 4 members of staff remove any small pieces of any waste that can be recycled and any small pieces of waste that unfortunately have to go to landfill.


When the waste gets to the end of the picking line it passes under a magnet to remove any small pieces of metal and then all that is left is soil and rubble.


The rubble and soil is then transferred to our crushing shed. Here it is put through the trommell, which is a bit like a big washing machine drum which sieves all the small pieces of soil and stone.


The rubble that is left then goes past the blower which removes any very small light pieces of waste that are left.


After the blower, the rubble that is left travels along a smaller picking line where 2 more members of staff remove any pieces of wood or such that may have been missed.


At the end of the picking line there is another magnet – we like to make doubly sure there is nothing left in rubble!


Finally, the rubble goes into the crusher and out of the other end comes beautifully clean recycled hardcore – perfect for a variety of building uses.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our recycled hardcore and how clean it is.


We aim to recycle as much of the waste as possible that comes in to us. Be this by recycling to make new products or diverting away from landfill to be used as energy. We are always looking for new outlets for our waste to ensure we are doing the best we can for the environment. We’ve given you an outline of what happens to the separate waste streams once they arrive with our suppliers.


Our wood is taken to be used for energy.


We recycle all types of plastic, from hard plastic to plastic film. This goes on the be melted down to make more plastic products.


We bale all of our cardboard which then goes to be recycled and made into paper sacks for things like potatoes and flour.


Window frames – these are converted to a state where they can be used as a raw material in the manufacture of new building.


This is crushed to make fine sand.


Plasterboard is cleaned and ground down for farmers to use the gypsum on their fields.


Are baled and sent to be recycled and are often shredded and used to make horse arenas.


Municipal (landfill) – we are very proud to say that our mixed municipal waste, which did used to go to landfill, now goes on to be used as fuel.

Frequently asked questions

Do any of the skips have doors for easy access?

Some of our 6 and 8 cubic yard skips do. We have some 4 cubic yard skips with doors too (however, we cannot guarantee we will be able to get you one of these – although we will try!) The small 2 cubic yard skips do not have doors. If you require a skip with a door please specify this at the time of ordering.

How long can I have the skip for?

Ideally a maximum of 2 weeks. However, we realise the good old British weather can slow jobs down – if you contact the office we can extend this to 4 weeks. After 4 weeks, there is a weekly hire charge.

Where can the skip be placed?

We need 9’ (275cm) width for our wagons to get through and the skip can go on most firm, level ground (please remember, the wagon needs to be able to remove the skip when it’s full and much heavier). If the skip is to be placed on a road or grass verge, we would need a licence from the Council.

Can the skip go on the road or grass verge?

Yes, just let us know and we will apply for the licence from the council. These take 3 days for the application to go through and cost £72 + vat (£86.40) and last for 14 days. If the licence is needed sooner the Council charge an extra £28 + vat (£33.60) which would make the total fee £100 + vat (£120).

We will provide lights and cones with the skip but you will need to make sure that they remain in place and working.

What can I put in the skip?

  • • General mixed construction
  • • Furniture
  • • Cardboard
  • • Green waste
  • • Wood
  • • Rubble and soil

What can't I put in the skip?

  • • Oils
  • • Gas bottles
  • • Asbestos
  • • Tyres
  • • Fluorescent tubes
  • • Paint
  • • Fridges or freezers
  • • Animal waste
  • • Shot blast
  • • Chemicals
  • • Reinforced concrete

What about plasterboard?

Due to Government Legislation, plasterboard cannot be mixed in with other types of waste. However, if you can separate the plasterboard - we find dumpy bags really useful for this - and pop it in your skip, we will take it away for you. You can also hire a skip specifically for plasterboard only.

Do we recycle?

Yes! We are very proud of our recycling totals. Find out more about how we recycle here.

Are we registered waste carriers?

Yes – Registration No: CBDU137776

Is our site licensed with the Environment Agency?

Yes – Permit No: EPR/DB3807MJ

Book your skip

To book your skip telephone us on 01947 604646.

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